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--Zoey Varela]]>
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Special Thanks

World of Darkness: Aeon

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Wings are just a thing that happen sometimes.

--Zoey Varela

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We at WoD: Aeon would like to acknowledge the contributions that made this site possible:

A special thank you to Harle, for writing the code for Jove.

Eternal thanks to Noel, for giving us access to Jove and doing the technical work of getting the site up and running.

All the love and gratitude to the creators, administrators and storytellers of past WoD RP sites, including Errin, Liz, Kai, Jess, Samael, Joey, Heather, Jamie, Damon, Meesh, Mei and others. Your work laid the foundation from which this site was built.

And of course, thank you to all of our players, both past and present. Without you, this site would not exist.

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