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Ariel: I think doing everything except what you're supposed to be doing is the exact niche that roleplaying fills in our lives.]]>
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Site Information :: Earning Experience

World of Darkness: Aeon

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Cellatus: I am doing everything except what I'm supposed to be doing.

Ariel: I think doing everything except what you're supposed to be doing is the exact niche that roleplaying fills in our lives.

Earning Experience

Character XP

On this site, all active characters will automatically earn 3xp each month. This award is given even if a journal is not submitted. However, new and reactivated characters will not begin to earn auto-xp until they've completed a scene or mood post.

Additionally, characters will receive 1xp per scene, up to a maximum of 8 scenes per month. (They can of course play more than that, but after the 8th they are no longer eligible for activity-based rewards.)

Characters are also eligible for experience based on performance and development. Each month players will submit a summary of activity, events and personal development for the character, and the Admin may award them between 1 and 4 additional XP. Most characters will earn at least 1xp this way, but the high rewards are reserved for major events. Recommendations from STs and other players can influence this total.

Downtime XP is available to those who wish to take an extended hiatus from RP. (Think of it as a kind of paid leave.) Characters on hiatus will earn 5xp per month or the average level of XP earned in the last 6 months, whichever is less. In other words, characters cannot earn more while inactive than they would have likely earned if active. This award is not unlimited. Characters on hiatus can only earn downtime XP for as many months as the character has previously been active (so a 6-month old character can earn 6 months of downtime, and so on.) In order to be considered “on hiatus,” players must not be active on the site in any creative or administrative capacity.

Player XP

In addition to XP earned by characters, players themselves are able to earn XP. This XP can be applied to any existing character, or can be stored up and applied to a new character (allowing them to start off with more advanced stats than would typically be accepted at approval.) A player’s XP bank is kept track of separately from the XP awarded directly to characters. Player XP is approved and awarded by the Director.

Players can earn XP for running scenes and storylines. This includes one-shots and all storyline-related scenes, as well as scenes featuring system and/or personal NPCs. Players will earn 1-4xp per scene that they ST, up to a maximum of 6 scenes per month. This award is based on the degree of difficulty involved in running each scene. Personal, narrative-only scenes (STing someone's Mom, etc.) will earn 1xp. Scenes designed to accomplish something for a PC (mentoring, introducing someone to a Sept or Chantry, etc.) will likely earn 2xp. Combat and SL scenes will typically earn 2-3xp. Difficult trials (seekings, rite of passage, etc.) will typically earn 3-4xp. These are not hard-and-fast rules, though. A notably short trial (say, the character fails very early in) will earn less, while a particularly impressive mentoring scene might earn more.

Players who hold any Non-ST administrative role will also earn 1-5xp for each month that they perform their designated duties. This award is based on work-load. 1xp is the minimum award for being active and available, while 5xp would signify a significant contribution, such as introducing a new game system or undertaking a major re-vamp of the site.

Storytellers are not eligible for this award, as they earn their XP on a per-scene basis (see above.) However, they can receive bonus XP for creating and implementing NPCs, locations and back-story for their region. Any player who goes above and beyond in performing their duties and/or contributing to the site may be eligible for bonus awards, at the Director’s discretion.

To clarify: Players who hold more than one job title will be eligible for all relevant XP. So yes, if you're active as both an ST and an Admin, you will earn XP for both.

Journal Guidelines

In order to claim experience earned via play or personal contribution to the site, players must submit journals at the end of each month. Journals are how we keep track of activity and accomplishments. The information you put into your journal will then be used to calculate experience awards.

Please note: Character Journals and Player Journals must be submitted separately. Each character will have their own journal entry for the month, which is submitted to the appropriate System Admin. If you are eligible for Player XP, you will need to submit that claim under your player account to the Director. Player accounts are set up the same way that you would submit a character. Just select "Players" from the venue list.

System Admins will each have their own guidelines for journal submissions (see the applicable venue for system-specific rulings.) The guidelines for Player Journals are listed below.

Player Journals

Contributions eligible for Player XP include:

  • STing scenes, storylines and NPCs.
  • Performing the duties of official site roles.
  • Creative contributions, such as resident NPCs, detailed lore and back-story, important locations, etc.
  • Any other significant contribution to the site that may not neatly fall into the above categories.

When you submit your journals, please include a brief summary of your contributions for that month. Depending on what kind of contributions you’re claiming, this summary might be very simple, or it might require some explanation.

Additionally, you may add a “Kudos” section that includes positive notes about the contributions of other players. These notes will be copied and distributed to the intended players, unless you request otherwise. They will also be used to inform the decisions of the Director when handing out XP. Kudos in our game do not have a specific XP value. Rather, they serve as a subjective guide. Kudos are particularly helpful in determining cases where XP awards are variable, or where the standard award just isn’t adequate. If you don’t have any XP claims to make for a given month, but you still want to leave Kudos, you are more than welcome to submit a kudos-only journal. Please note that kudos on these journals should be for player contributions only, not those which are tied to PCs. The latter is handled by System Admins and should be submitted via character journals.

Player Journals are due by 11:59pm CST (Central Standard Time) on the 3rd of every month. If you miss a month, you may roll those claims over to the next journal cycle. Claims over a month old are no longer eligible for rewards.

Sample Player Journal Entry

January 2018

-STed a one-shot where Alice, Harry and Simon got ambushed in a park by fomori. The fomori got shredded. All the PCs survived.

-Ran a mentoring scene between Sarah and Caleb in Muir Woods. Sarah led Caleb through the woods and helped him to expand his understanding of the Life sphere by teaching him to connect to the living world.

-Created a new Chantry and a batch of resident NPCs for the San Francisco Mage game.

-Performed my usual monthly duties as Vampire Admin. Processed 10 character journals and approved 3 new characters.

-In my capacity as Web Developer, I fixed a major site crash.


-To Emily, who helped me out with some coding issues while I was fixing the site. She was a total badass and kept me from going insane. I couldn’t have done it without her.

-To Katie, who ran an amazing SL for my Werewolf pack. It was moody and intense and so much fun. The climactic scene was huge, and clearly took a lot of work on her part. As a result, Will earned enough renown to advance in rank. Thanks Katie!


All active and on-hiatus players will receive a 5XP bonus at the end of their birth month, provided this information is made available to the Director and an XP account exists where the award can be delivered.

Additionally, all active and on-hiatus players will receive a 5XP holiday bonus at the end of December (again, provided they have an XP account.)

In the event of a PC death, that player will receive an amount of XP equal to the total number of months in which the character was played.


If a player spends XP from their personal account on a character, and that character dies shortly after, the player may be eligible to have some or all of the XP refunded. If the character participated in less than 3 scenes following the purchase, that player will be refunded all of the XP that was spent. If the number of scenes totaled 3-4, they will receive a 50% refund. After 5 scenes, the expenditure is no longer eligible for a refund.

Retired characters can also be eligible for this refund, but only in cases where the player does not intend to reinstate the character. In this case, claiming a refund will result in the character's deletion (so be absolutely sure you're done with them before making a request.) This refund can be claimed at any point.

To clarify:

  • 0-2 scenes after purchase = full refund
  • 3-4 scenes after purchase = 50% refund
  • 5+ scenes = no refund

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