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Mikah pauses, struggling to think of things that people do that aren't saving the world or befriending figurative dragons. "Go horseback riding?" 2544.jpg sky
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Site Information

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Site Information

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Mikah pauses, struggling to think of things that people do that aren't saving the world or befriending figurative dragons. "Go horseback riding?"

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Site Information


There are many ways to roleplay. You may prefer a different kind of setup to the one we have here, and that's okay. I don't hold any notion that our system is the "right" or best way of doing things. It's just one kind of system that was designed to meet a specific set of needs. I hope that anyone reading this will be able to find a place here, but if this isn't the kind of game you're looking for, no offense taken.

Mission Statement

In designing this site, I had two main priorities: first, I wanted to build a game that could accommodate a lot of creative growth and flexibility, and second, I wanted to prioritize a healthy RP-Life balance. For many of us, we've reached a point in our lives where we can no longer devote the kind of time and energy that we once did to roleplaying. And that's as it should be, because taking care of ourselves and the people we love is important. We all have lives, and I don't want to pull anyone away from that. I just want to make a fun place for us to relax and flex our imagination when the urge strikes us.

Bearing that in mind, no one is ever obligated to play here. Even if the reason is just "I'm not enjoying it." You are always allowed to leave, step down from a position, retire characters, cancel an SL, scale back your activity, or whatever else you need to do for your own sanity. This is a totally optional thing that we're all doing for fun. If you're not feeling it? Don't do it.

The XP system here is designed for more moderate play. Rewards are high, but finite. I want people to get a lot out of their time here. I want to see characters advance and grow. But I don't want anyone to feel as though they're missing out by doing other things.

On the creative end, you will notice that I've designed this site to accommodate multiple locations. However, the number of active regions is entirely up to you guys. If you want to focus on one city, we can do that. If you want to open up lots of cities, we can do that too. If you want to play in one city for a while, then move to a new one, that's also an option. Make this game yours. All you need is someone willing to build it, and people willing to play.

Game Structure

WoD: Aeon is a flexible, cross-system game that can be adapted to fit any scale and level of complexity. Theoretically the entire world is up for grabs, and all RP (across all regions and systems) occurs within the same game universe. An event that occurs in Boston could potentially impact the RP in LA, and so on.

That said, there are guidelines regarding crossover and inter-region activity. Those wishing to play only within a certain game system can create characters in single-system regions, whereas those wishing to toss a character into a crossover setting can choose a region where multiple systems are allowed. (Note that this does not impact the canon world-state. Any region is capable of having vampires, mages, werewolves, etc. - and probably does. These rules apply only to allowed PCs and are meant to represent the overall tone and focus of that specific region.)

PCs can move between regions, either temporarily or permanently. However, such activity will be subject to regional rules. Local STs choose which systems and character types they allow, as well as the specifics of how they handle crossover between PCs from different systems and regions. Technically speaking, any PC can travel anywhere. However, if your character isn’t allowed in a regional game, that means they cannot interact with or influence that game in any way. (So you could write a scene of them passing through the area, but you couldn’t RP with any local characters.)

Large cities (New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, etc) are considered the primary game regions. The availability of these regions for play will depend on various factors, including number of players, player interest and available STs. More than likely, regions will open and close as game activity rises and falls. STs for these regions are approved by the Director and applicable System Admins. Smaller cities/towns are also available for more personal/individual play. Generally speaking, these secondary regions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So theoretically anyone can claim one if no one else has done so. Such claims can be denied (and revoked,) but probably won’t be. Note that ALL regions are subject to site-wide and system-wide rulings, so this is not a way to bypass those rules. However, within those guidelines STs can create something of a pocket game. Secondary regions have less restrictions when it comes to storytelling, so they would be a great choice if you wanted to create a very high or low risk area, or do something unusual like set up a scenario where an entire town is under the effects of mind control. 

Official Roles

Individual players may hold more than one of these positions if they are able to execute all responsibilities effectively. If you are interested in taking on one of these roles, please contact the Director.


The Director is responsible for anything that impacts the site as a whole. They design and implement site-wide rulings and handle any conduct issues that might crop up. The Director approves System Admins, Storytellers and other roles. They also award player-earned (as opposed to character-earned) experience. The Director is responsible for ensuring balance and fairness between the game systems, including judgment calls on crossover mechanics.

System Administrators

Admins are responsible for system-specific administrative duties, including rules/judgment calls, character approval and experience rewards. They approve official Storytellers in conjunction with the Director. Admins are in charge of everything that happens behind the scenes in each game system, as well as the overall canon world-state.


Storytellers are responsible for building and maintaining the creative infrastructure of their specific city/region. They create and run local NPCs, design important locations and backstory, and are responsible for primary storytelling duties. This includes running at least semi-regular storylines and one-shots. Storytellers set region-specific rules regarding playable systems, character types, crossover guidelines and player-run SLs. It is possible for a region to have multiple STs who share these responsibilities.

Web Developer

The Web Developer is In charge of web design, coding and maintenance.


The Counselor handles all duties related to social issues and interpersonal conflicts. They hear complaints, mediate disputes, and report to the Director when disciplinary action is required. The Counselor may not hold any other official position, apart from STing for a secondary region. However, in the absence of a suitable Counselor, the Director will perform these duties.

Contacting the Director

My email is ariel [at] wodaeon [dot] com. Please direct all questions and comments either to this address or to the designated staff questions channel on Discord. Players are encouraged to contact me with any questions they might have. As a general rule, I will be checking e-mail and Discord daily unless otherwise noted. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response (though I will try to respond same-day if I'm able.)

In the event of serious, time-sensitive issues, you may alert me via any available means (PM, Discord tag, etc.) and I will try to respond right away if I'm available. Otherwise, please understand that even if I am active on Discord I may not have the time or energy to tackle questions immediately. I have a lot on my plate, both irl and online, and being able to handle things on my own schedule in an organized fashion goes a long way towards helping me stay sane. I also tend to give better, more thoughtful responses if I've had time to mull things over.

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