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Mikah, faced with monsters: has got this
Mikah, faced with a fucking apocalypse: Sad, but focused.
Mikah, being told he's pretty: can't even


Cheshire: History is good, I think. For...understanding things.

Martha: History's good for understanding everything.

Posted by sky

A Ragabash and a Galliard in the library.

Thursday 26th September, 2019

The things Oliver and Cheshire could say to each other could fill a book, for now at least. Later down the road that book could turn into a series or a collection of tomes.

--Sky, narrating

Posted by ixphaelaeon

At least Oliver has that romance novel cover hair.... Wait. Wrong genre. AGAIN.

Thursday 26th September, 2019

Cheshire: Yeah, one wants to strangle me yet.

Oliver: Well. Since you arrived you've only talked to me. Give it time.

Posted by sky

Cheshire and Oliver

Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Noel: Then the awesomeness of Arjun might return? :D
Ariel: Perhaps. In some form.
Noel: Arjun comes back as a blender.
Noel: I can dig it.
Noel: Will it blend?
Noel: ArjunBlender: Yes.

Posted by Ariel

Patent pending.

Sunday 1st September, 2019

If Phaedra's not in love with half the PCs on site by the end of the month, it will be because she hasn't met them.

Posted by Ariel


Thursday 15th August, 2019

sky: I was about to say that Harley is being very un-vengeful, but then I remembered that the scene isn't over yet

Posted by sky

It's never too late for vengeance.

Sunday 28th July, 2019

Well. I want them to bond!
How better than formori?

Fomori are a pretty good bonding agent! Isn't that what Mikah and Nadia did and they became pals.

It is!
It's magical!

Posted by ixphaelaeon

How to Make Friends in the World of Darkness

Thursday 18th July, 2019

Ariel: I glanced in and saw the word "Taintmap" and logically I understood what you must be talking about but still my brain imagined an entirely different thing.
Sky: Eugh
Blaine: It's a perineal concern.

Posted by Ariel

We're so mature.

Monday 15th July, 2019

[Regarding Mage] I suspect that the demon Crowley invented this game.

Posted by Ariel


Saturday 6th July, 2019

Mikah pauses, struggling to think of things that people do that aren't saving the world or befriending figurative dragons. "Go horseback riding?"

Posted by Ariel

Mikah tries to be a human.

Friday 11th January, 2019

Wings are just a thing that happen sometimes.

--Zoey Varela

Posted by ixphaelaeon

Because once someone has met your plants, their celestial heritage is just not so impressive....

Thursday 20th December, 2018

Well Werewolf is the game that revolves around passion and stuff.

Posted by Ariel


Sunday 25th November, 2018

Jamie: i also end up accidentally playing lawful good characters a lot?
Ariel: Maybe that means you're secretly lawful good.
Jamie: ugh, ew

Posted by Ariel

Nobody wants to be lawful good.

Wednesday 10th October, 2018

Mikah, faced with monsters: has got this
Mikah, faced with a fucking apocalypse: Sad, but focused.
Mikah, being told he's pretty: can't even

Posted by Ariel


Tuesday 11th September, 2018

you guys: OO I DO
verge: nah lemme do all this research first
ashlyn: i can't see shit but here's a stirring rendition of some shit kipling wrote 300 years ago

Posted by Vesta

PCs taking the scenic route to the shit-kicking

Sunday 9th September, 2018

Either Thea is a Mage and potentially in danger, or she is a Mage and potentially here to corrupt or kill him.

Posted by sky

No in-between for Mikah.

Thursday 30th August, 2018

"Are there, like, books or something about this stuff? Or, or schools? I mean obviously this isn't like Harry Potter or whatever, at least I hope it's not. I can't really afford to go somewhere else in the middle of my last year to learn something totally different. Not when I'm so close to graduating."

Posted by Ariel

Brianna, on priorities.

Friday 10th August, 2018

"What's the consensus?"

"Mikah, I believe the entire Ascension War was fought over that very question."

Posted by Ariel

Naya and Mikah have a conversation.

Tuesday 31st July, 2018

Zombie koala ... I'm actually not entirely unconvinced they aren't already.

Posted by Ariel


Saturday 28th July, 2018

Poopgate can be serious
If you have the conviction.

Posted by Ariel


Monday 16th July, 2018

Ariel: DJ Something-or-Other should totes be her stage name.
Vesta: DJ Buggered If I Can Think Of Anything
Vesta: DJ Just This Woman, You Know?
Vesta: DJ Off Sick. DJ Hung Over.
Ariel: DJ All Out of Fucks.

Posted by Ariel

Debating Ashlyn's stage name

Sunday 8th July, 2018

[O]ne gets the impression she finds his summary of the city... lacking.

"We're sitting in a sixty year old cafe, there's a book store up the street where Allen Ginsberg used to give readings, and all you can come up with is the Golden Gate Bridge."


Posted by ixphaelaeon

In his defense, he also mentioned fog....?

Wednesday 20th June, 2018

I mean. Technically I guess knitting is like...dual wield wands. But. Still.

Posted by Ariel


Tuesday 19th June, 2018

Cellatus: I am doing everything except what I'm supposed to be doing.

Ariel: I think doing everything except what you're supposed to be doing is the exact niche that roleplaying fills in our lives.

Posted by Ariel

Embrace the irresponsibility

Tuesday 19th June, 2018

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

Posted by Ariel

Jack Kerouac

Saturday 2nd June, 2018

“You’re a storyteller. Dream up something wild and improbable," she pleaded. "Something beautiful and full of monsters."

“Beautiful and full of monsters?"

“All the best stories are.”

Posted by Ariel

Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer

Saturday 2nd June, 2018

Stories are compasses and architecture, we navigate by them, we build our sanctuaries and our prisons out of them, and to be without a story is to be lost in the vastness of a world that spreads in all directions like arctic tundra or sea ice.

Posted by Ariel

Rebecca Solnit

Saturday 2nd June, 2018

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