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0 1 1 chat 10 Aeon 120 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 2 3 4 5 6 Private Message to Roll: Page from 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 3 4 5 6 Welcome to %ROOM%, %NAME%. %NAME% has left %ROOM%. %NAME% has been booted. %NAME% forgot to log out. World of Darkness: Aeon Seattle World of Darkness: Aeon :: SeattleWorld of Darkness: Aeon
41 0 OOC ,2,3,4,5,6, 0 0 ,, 0 ooc 1 0 San Francisco ,2,3,4,5,6, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 1.png san-francisco 94 0 Seattle ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 94.png seattle 42 0 World ,2,3,4,5,6, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 42.png world 153 0 AU ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 153.png au 95 94 Downtown Skyscrapers overlook Elliott Bay in Seattleâs compact Downtown. Shoppers buy local crafts and produce in vibrant Pike Place Market, with its eclectic restaurants and food stalls, or hit big-name stores like Nordstrom. The busy Central Waterfront has a giant Ferris wheel and the Seattle Aquarium, while cultural attractions in the wider area include the Seattle Art Museum and the 1928 Paramount Theatre. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/downtown 0 105 95 Sept of the Concrete Wilds | Columbia Center The tallest building in Washington state, this skyscraper has 76 floors above and 7 floors below ground and boasts 48 elevators. Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, it is home to a variety of businesses, including three stories of retail space with street level access on the sloped side. Restaurants and shopping areas are open to everywhere, but certain levels are off-limits to Garou and Kinfolk only. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/sept-of-the-concrete-wilds-columbia-center 35 143 95 King Street Station King Street Station, located on Jackson St between 3rd and 4th Ave S, is a brick and granite three-story building with a twelve-story clock tower. Today, over 2.7 million passengers a year use King Street Station to board Amtrak trains, Sounder commuter trains, and Amtrak Thruway intercity bus services to get into and out of Seattle. The station serves as a major locus of the Bone Gnawers of Seattle. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/king-street-station 35 101 95 Chinatown-International District Dragons march across the 45-foot arch of the historic Chinatown Gate, welcoming visitors to this bustling hub for Seattleâs Asian-American communities. Noodle houses, sushi spots, dim sum restaurants and karaoke bars mingle with gift shops and markets selling imported goods. This room includes: Chinatown, Japantown, and Little Saigon. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/chinatown-international-district 35 147 94 Queen Anne Queen Anne is an affluent neighborhood built onto a steep hill north west of downtown. It's home to many of Seattle's landmarks, including one of the few remaining Queen Anne houses on the hill, the North Queen Anne Drive Bridge, as well as tourist attractions such as Seattle's iconic Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, and Chihuly Garden and Glass. The Silver Fang protectorate has been reduced to Lower Queen Anne. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/queen-anne 0 149 147 Sterling Hotel Silver Fang hangout, description tbd ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/sterling-hotel 35 96 94 Capitol Hill Capitol Hill was the first district to be named as part of the Arts & Cultural Districts program. Its Pike/Pine neighborhood is the densest arts neighborhood in the State of Washington. Over the course of the past 35 years, a diverse group of arts and cultural organizations have been re-occupying a formerly light industrial area known as "auto row." The district is now home to over 40 arts and cultural organizations. At the same time, the neighborhood is experiencing rapid change and gentrification. Existing arts organizations are under real threat of being displaced by rising rents and redevelopment. Capitol Hill is increasingly perceived as being in danger of losing its soul. This area is under the protection of the Shadow Lords. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/capitol-hill 0 140 96 BOLT Shadow Lord hangout, description tbd. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/bolt 35 148 94 Central District The Central District is a diverse residential cluster of historically African-American neighborhoods. Culture, art and history exhibits are on display at the Northwest African American Museum. The 1915 Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, a former synagogue, is an arts hub showing films, plays and musicals. Ethiopian and soul food eateries dot the district, along with an increasing number of hip bars and cafes. This area is now protected by the Glass Walkers. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/central-district 0 141 94 South of Downtown To the north: CenturyLink and Safeco Fields, homes of the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners respectively. Travel south, and SoDo moves from sports hub to artist lofts and studios built into converted warehouses. Farther south, these conversions peter out into light manufacturing, warehouses, and warehouse-style retail spaces. This area is now under the protection of the Bone Gnawers. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/south-of-downtown 0 139 94 Northlake The area north of Lake Union includes the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods. With trolley tracks laid through the neighborhood as early as 1907, Wallingford is a classic streetcar suburb, typified by its many 1920s era box houses and bungalows. Sometimes referred to as "The People's Republic of Fremont or "The Artists' Republic of Fremont," and at one time a center of the counterculture, Fremont has become somewhat gentrified in recent years. The neighborhood remains home to a controversial statue of Vladimir Lenin salvaged from Slovakia, as well as the Fremont Troll, a statue situated under the north end of the Aurora Bridge. This Fianna protectorate has been reduced to Wallingford. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/northlake 0 150 139 The Telltale Hart Located at the corner of 45th and Meridian, The Telltale Hart is a small pub that has been run by a local Fianna family for the last few decades. The pub proper is on the main level and includes a bar with an extensive selection of whiskeys (and maybe a couple of whiskys), cozy booth seating and a few stand alone tables. There's a space in the back for local performers in the back corner. Downstairs, the Fianna have limited equipment for a local craft brew. Upstairs is living space with limited crash space for those in need. Provided they take their brawls outside, all Tribes are welcome. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/the-telltale-hart 35 137 94 Ballard As the Nordic Heritage Museum confirms, this neighborhood remains proud of its Scandinavian roots and hard-working maritime past. Although gaining a reputation as one of the hottest going-out areas in Seattle, there are pockets and side streets that remain old school, refusing the gentrify. The Get of Fenris consider this neighborhood their protected territory. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/ballard 0 138 137 Harald's Brauhaus This German restaurant has been owned and operated by the same Get of Fenris family for the last sixty years or so. Located on the southeast corner of 15th Ave and 62nd St, it shares its retail strip with a nail salon, a barber, and a bakery. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/haralds-brauhaus 35 102 94 Industrial District | Harbor Island The Industrial District is the principal industrial area of Seattle. Harbor Island was once the the largest artificial island in the world. This area is home to a large number of warehouses, with the island used in many secondary industrial such as secondary lead-smelting, and ship building and repair. The Children of Gaia protect the northern Industrial District. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/industrial-district-harbor-island 0 142 102 Sentinels of Peace This two-story warehouse has been converted into a homeless shelter. The building is considered a temporary home, a stepping off point for those who've fallen on hard times and need a hand. Here the Children of Gaia of Seattle provide clean beds, warm meals and hot showers, case management and life skills classes, and community resources and referrals. All Garou and Kinfolk in need of sanctuary are welcome, provided they can coexist peacefully. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 142.jpg seattle/sentinels-of-peace 35 144 94 Mercer Island The city of Mercer Island is located on an island of the same name in south Lake Washington. It connects to Seattle to the west and Bellevue to the east via I-90. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/mercer-island 0 99 94 Eastern Suburbs The suburbs are arguably where people live when they want to be close but not too close to the city, and maybe actually afford a house, or enough space for a family or at least a handful of pets comfortably. This area includes: Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, and Sammamish. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/eastern-suburbs 0 103 94 West Seattle West Seattle is a laid-back residential area. The sandy strip of Alki Beach is popular with volleyball players, kayakers and sunbathers, while its coastal path has views of Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/west-seattle 0 98 94 Hive | Sept of Sleeping Giants Sept of Sleeping Giants for more information. This area is currently controlled by Black Spiral Dancers.]]> ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/hive-sept-of-sleeping-giants 0 151 94 Glacier Peak Stargazer location, description tbd. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/glacier-peak 0 152 94 Renton Lining the southeast shore of Lake Washington is Renton, a city with magnificent views of the Cascades and Mount Rainier. After a long history as an important salmon fishing area for the Duwamish, Renton was first settled by people of European descent in the 1860s, and its early economy was based on coal mining, clay production, and timber export. Today, Renton is home to a growing number of well known manufacturing, technology, and healthcare organizations. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/renton 0 100 94 The Cracks Between From a distance, Seattle seems beautiful. Almost pristine. A shiny emerald jewel in the crown of the Pacific Northwest. But even the most perfect seeming gem may have flaws hidden deep beneath the surface. This room is for the dark places, the narrows leading to the seedy underbelly of the city, where the lines of "good" and "bad" blur into infinite shades of grey. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/the-cracks-between 0 107 100 Seattle Underground The Seattle Underground is a network of underground passageways and basements in downtown Pioneer Square that were at ground level when the city was built in the mid-19th century. After the streets were elevated, these spaces fell into disuse. Now the Underground is part tourist attraction, spot for juvenile dares, and hot bed of illicit activity. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/seattle-underground 35 161 94 Vancouver Island Vancouver Island, off Canadaâs Pacific Coast, is known for its mild climate and thriving arts community. On its southern tip is Victoria, British Columbiaâs capital, and its boat-lined Inner Harbour, neo-baroque Parliament Buildings, grand Fairmont Empress Hotel and English-style gardens. Harbour city Nanaimo, home of chocolate-and-custard Nanaimo bars, has an Old City Quarter with shops, galleries and restaurants. ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 seattle/vancouver-island 0 94 0 Seattle ,2,3,4, 0 1 ,1,2,3, 0 94.png seattle Aeon 120 ,3,4,5,6, ,3,4,5,6, ,3,4,5,6, ,2,3,4,5,6, Private Message to Roll: Page from ,3,4,5,6, ,3,4,5,6, ,3,4,5,6, Welcome to %ROOM%, %NAME%. %NAME% has left %ROOM%. %NAME% has been booted. %NAME% forgot to log out. Current]]>None]]>
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