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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Werewolf: the Apocalypse :: Kinfolk Judgment Calls

World of Darkness: Aeon

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If Phaedra's not in love with half the PCs on site by the end of the month, it will be because she hasn't met them.

Kinfolk Judgment Calls



Kinfolk now use the same sheet as Garou in 20th Anniversary Werewolf, which is handy in a lot of ways except for the Primal-Urge ability. Although in many ways PU can be said to work the same as the previous Intuition ability, high levels of PU won’t make sense in some Kinfolk characters where Intuition would. For that reason, Kinfolk here will use the Intuition ability instead.

“You get good hunches from time to time, and you've come to trust them. Sometimes, you can't explain why you know something or how you jump from a jumbled set of facts to a brilliant conclusion, but the instinct serves you well. Intuition reflects your aptitude for good guessing and gut feelings. This Talent is not a psychic ability, but rather an inborn "sixth sense." Intuition may let the character know if someone is lying, or it may allow her to pick up on a lead from a seemingly minute set of clues. Storytellers can also use Intuition to convey information to the players,” (Kinfolk: A Breed Apart, pg. 58).

  • 1 dot - Novice: Your instincts often put you on the right trail.
  • 2 dots - Practiced: You've learned to follow your first answer.
  • 3 dots - Competent: You always know when something's afoot.
  • 4 dots - Expert: Not only do you know when something's wrong, you know how's responsible.
  • 5 dots - Master: Your insights are so abrupt and precise, you scare yourself.

Possessed by: Kinfolk, counselors, mothers, trending experts, teachers, intuitive diagnosticians, private detectives

Specialties: Reading Between the Lines, Subtext, Sensing Dynamics, Meditation


Kinfolk will not be approved with Gifts unless purchased with XP, otherwise they must be learned through play. The learning must be played out in a oneshot (if learning from a spirit) or storyline (if taught by a Garou). If successful, the Kinfolk character may purchase the gift as though it were Out of Tribe/Breed/Auspice (5 XP), making it significantly cheaper than Gifts are in the books.


  • Kinfolk cannot learn a Gift outside of their Breed or Tribe (a Child of Gaia kinfolk cannot learn a Get of Fenris Gift, and so on).
  • Kinfolk are limited to Gifts that only require Willpower to activate - unless they have Gnosis, in which case they can learn those, too.
  • Since Kinfolk do not have ranks they can only learn level 1 Gifts. Gifts for Kinfolk can also be found in Kinfolk: A Breed Apart.
  • The cost of the Gift will increase +5 XP if taught by a Garou and not a spirit.

The book describes the possibility of a Kinfolk impressing a spirit so much that the spirit may contact the Kinfolk without being summoned and offer to teach a Gift as a reward. This option will be permitted with ST approval only.


Kinfolk will have the option to earn renown, however, it will be much harder to earn than it is for Garou. Only acts of extreme glory, honor, or wisdom will net temporary renown points. Since Kinfolk cannot have rank, the most renown they can earn is .9 in any of the three categories. There are three ways that a Kinfolk character can be considered for renown rewards:

  • Direct the Admin to the relevant scene(s) for review [unless the Admin ran the scene, in which case they should already be aware of the circumstances]. This can be included in the Kinfolk's monthly XP journal.
  • Another player can use kudos to request renown for a Kinfolk character. This player must have an active character in the Werewolf system.
  • A Garou character can bring up the Kinfolk's accomplishments to other Garou, either at the monthly moots or in play with other characters. This can be included in that Garou's monthly XP journal.

These rewards will not be as generous as rewards to Garou characters. Kinfolk characters cannot enter play with renown points, it can only be earned through play.

Supernatural Kinfolk

Supernatural Kinfolk (Kinfolk who are also ghouls, awakened, or fae) will be approved in Werewolf-specific settings with approval from the ST only. Once the character concept has been run by the ST and approved, the character will be submitted to the appropriate Admin (mages to the Mage Admin, ghouls to Vampire, etc.).

Whether or not these characters will be approved for the other systems will be at the discretion of that system's Admin and/or the setting's Storyteller(s).

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