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2544.jpg sky If Phaedra's not in love with half the PCs on site by the end of the month, it will be because she hasn't met them.
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Werewolf: the Apocalypse :: Journals and Advancement

World of Darkness: Aeon

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If Phaedra's not in love with half the PCs on site by the end of the month, it will be because she hasn't met them.

Journals and Advancement


As busy adults living busy adult lives, it’s hard to crank out two dozen scenes in a month like some of us might have done in our carefree youths. Therefore, I want players to focus on quality of roleplay, not quantity of scenes when preparing their character XP journals each month. Here are the rules and guidelines that I hope will help net you the greatest rewards you can get.


In order to receive experience, players may submit journals for their characters at the end of each month. Character journals are due by 11:59pm CT (Central Time) on the 3rd of the new month. If you miss a month, you may roll those claims over to the next journal cycle. Claims over a month old are no longer eligible for rewards.

Journals must be submitted if you wish to keep your character active. If no journal is submitted for a character for three consecutive months, they will be considered inactive and automatically retired. This is not a punishment - it's just our way of keeping the roster up to date. Inactive characters can be reinstated at any time by hitting the restore button. The Admin reserves the right to deny reinstatement of a PC, but this is unlikely to happen and would only be employed under special circumstances.

Please see Earning Experience for more information on experience rewards, especially that downtime XP!

Scene Count

When you write your journals, tally up all of the scenes that your character participated in that month. They will receive 1xp per scene, up to a maximum of 8.

Forum scenes and Mood posts may or may not count toward this total, depending on length and substance. If you claim either of these, please tally them separately from your other scenes. I will then check the forum and gauge whether they are eligible for XP.

Do not include a tally of scenes that you ran, as rewards for that are given to you, the player and not your character, from your Player XP journals submitted to the Director.

Character Development

Underneath your scene tally, provide a description of the noteworthy things your character did that month. If it helps to organize them in a list, you may briefly describe important events in a list of up to 8 bullet points. If it’s easier to describe in prose, keep it to a single paragraph of about 200 words. Either way, you should be focusing on how your character’s growth was pushed/how your character pushed the growth of other PCs. You’re already getting points for quantity, show me the quality so I know how to reward you. Characters will receive 1-4 additional XP based on activity, events and personal development. Most characters will receive at least 1xp this way, with higher awards reserved for major events. Recommendations from Storytellers and other players (via Kudos) can influence this total.


Beneath your character development section, include another brief description of the things your Garou did to deserve renown. You can go through the renown chart starting on page 246 of the core rulebook for examples of renown-worthy actions, though bear in mind I’ll be using it as a guide, not a static set of definitive rules. For example, a Garou won’t receive Wisdom renown for creating a talen, but they may if they share them with people outside of their pack or protected Kinfolk or use them in a creative way during combat.

See Kinfolk Judgment Calls for information on Kinfolk renown.


In addition to the monthly XP claims, players can add a "Kudos" section that includes positive notes about the contributions, writing and development of other characters (not to be confused with Player XP, which is submitted to the Director). These notes will be copied and distributed to the intended player(s), unless you request otherwise (in which case it will appear on their log as [X] reward from kudos). They will also be used to inform my decisions when handing out XP. Kudos in Werewolf do not have a specific XP or renown value, but serve as a subjective guide.

Please note: If you want to leave kudos for an ST, or for other contributions to the site, please do so via the Player Journals.

If you want to submit kudos but don't have any character activity to claim, you are welcome to submit a kudos-only journal. If you are an ST from another system and don't have a Werewolf character through which to submit journals, you're welcome to e-mail me any kudos you might have.

XP Expenditures / Requests

XP expenditures must be submitted via the character journal whenever you wish to purchase something or to update something on your sheet, however they may be made at any time. If an XP expenditure is made outside of submission of an XP journal, simply shoot me an email with the subject line “XP Expenditure Request.” There is no need to include an email body.

The following expenditures require an explanation prior to approval:

  • Attributes and Abilities greater than 3
  • WP, Rage, and/or Gnosis
  • Backgrounds
  • Merits and Flaws

Note that in these cases, a valid explanation will be required when you submit the request. However, I just need an explanation beyond, “I want this because reasons,” so a 1-2 sentence explanation of how it fits your character’s growth and development will be fine.

This is also when you'll tell me how you would like any automatic or downtime renown distributed.

The Admin reserves the right to follow up on or deny any expenditure request, regardless of whether or not it normally requires special approval, in the interest of fairness and/or realism.

Rank Advancement 

In order for a Garou to advance in rank, they must first meet the minimum renown required for the next rank level. Then, they must pass a rank challenge. Any other player may run a rank challenge if they so choose. Players of course may turn down a request to run a rank challenge.

Once a character has enough renown to challenge for rank, they will have three (3) months to attempt to challenge*, during which time they will continue to earn renown as normal. After three months, they will cease to earn any but free renown. This isn't meant as a punishment to players or STs who may not have time to run a challenge right away, but to slow PCs down so they don't hit renown for the next rank before completing the current challenge.

*This does not apply to any PC currently ready to challenge.

Experience Costs

The XP costs for raising each stat is below:

  • Attributes: Current rating x 4
  • New Ability: 3
  • Ability: Current rating x 2
  • Gift: Level of Gift x 3*
  • Gift (out of Tribe/Breed/Auspice): Level of Gift x 5*
  • Rage: Current rating
  • Gnosis: Current rating x 2
  • Willpower: Current rating
  • New background: 2
  • Background: Current rating x 2**
  • New Merit: Rating x 2
  • Buying off a Flaw: Rating x 2

*Players who decide to play out the Gift-learning process (either with a ST or in a detailed mood post) will receive an XP reduction to Gifts in the amount of 1 x (Rank level) XP. This means a player who plays out the Gift-learning process for a level 2 Gift will pay 6-2 XP or 10-2 XP for out of Tribe/Breed/Auspice and so on. Playing out the process is not required, players can simply pay the full cost, this is just incentive for more RP. Before the bonus can be claimed via mood post, it will need to be approved by the Admin. Whether the ST option is approved will be determined by the ST.

**The Pure Breed, Totem, and Rites backgrounds are the exceptions to the background cost.

  • See Judgment Calls for rulings on Pure Breed cost
  • Totem: Per W20 (pg. 244), any pack member can spend experience points to strengthen their totem...each point in Totem costs 2 experience points.
  • Rites: Buying new rites costs the level of the rite x 2. 2 minor rites can be purchased for 1XP.

Yes, you read that correctly. In Werewolf we can use XP to buy backgrounds, merits, and flaws, even though the book specifically says no.

New Merits and Flaws must strongly fit the character and will only be approved on a case by case basis.

New Flaws either give their rating in XP or can be used to purchase merits 1-for-1 as they would at creation.

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