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Blaine: It's a perineal concern.]]>
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Werewolf: the Apocalypse

World of Darkness: Aeon

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Ariel: I glanced in and saw the word "Taintmap" and logically I understood what you must be talking about but still my brain imagined an entirely different thing.
Sky: Eugh
Blaine: It's a perineal concern.

Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Character Classes

At this time, players may create Garou, Fera, or Kinfolk characters.


As a general rule, any of the tribes listed in Chapter 2 of the core rulebook (starting on pg. 73) are available for creation. Restricted or banned tribes are left up to Storytellers for individual venues.

Contacting the Admin

My email is skylar [at] wodaeon [dot] com. You can also shoot me a message in the Discord server in the Staff Tags or Staff Questions channels (Tags for if you're submitting a new character or XP expenditure journal, Questions if you have any questions). I will do my best to reply to messages quickly.


Werewolf has always been my favorite of the classic World of Darkness games (although Mage has definitely shot up to a very close second in recent years). That said, there are some incredibly problematic aspects to it. The tribal descriptions, while interesting in a lot of respects, also leave a lot of room for casual (and not so casual) racism, misogyny, and a few other aspects that are not cool to my social justice ranger heart. Not to mention the casual inclusion of sexual violence. Some aspects make the game what it is, and can add interesting conflict and tension. Some aspects were obviously written by privileged, straight cis white dudes and make folks who aren’t those things uncomfortable when they come to play pretend. I will do my best to address the latter when I find them.

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