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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Mage: The Ascension :: State of the World

World of Darkness: Aeon

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Well Werewolf is the game that revolves around passion and stuff.

State of the World


Our game takes place in modern-day society, with all of the trappings, technology, culture and politics of the world we know today. For better and worse.

A technological paradigm dominates most of the world, but not all of it. Consensus is messy. Even within developed nations, there are pockets where more traditional beliefs thrive. The exact nature of consensual reality varies by local culture (see: Reality Zones.)

As for the Avatar Storm, in our canon it died down and disappeared in 2009. Umbral travel is no longer the dire threat it once was (though it still poses plenty of other dangers.)


The default metaplot events happened. Horizon was destroyed, Doissetep was destroyed, the Great Betrayer made a heroic mess, a Spirit-Nuke ravaged the Shadowlands and kicked up the Avatar Storm. Many horizon realms were wiped out and left floating and disconnected in Etherspace as Ghost Realms. Both the Traditions and the Technocracy were cut off from their otherworld Chantries and Constructs. Many powerful Masters were lost. The Technocracy dominated. Meanwhile, a mysterious entity known as the Sphinx sent transmissions to the remaining Traditionalists, rallying hope and rebellion.

The Traditions

Over the past two decades, the Traditions have rebuilt much of what they lost. Umbral Chantries are rare (and generally less grand than what they once were,) but many Earthbound Chantries have grown. The old Council is no more (though rumors persist that at least some of them are still out there,) but in its place a New Horizon Council has assembled, building a Chantry in the Southern Alps of New Zealand as their home base. This Chantry, disguised as a film studio, is known as The Colony.

While the formal Primi positions within the Council went unfilled for a time, a collection of respected and idealistic leaders have since been elected (see NPCs below.) Not everyone among the Traditions are happy about their newly elected leaders. Critics say that they are too young, too inexperienced, too progressive. For the most part, however, the Traditions are hopeful. The struggle for Ascension continues, but for the first time in a long time, they can see a path forward.

Times change, and the Traditions have begun to change with them. Six of the Traditions have taken on new names: The Akashic Brotherhood are now the Akashayana, the Cult of Ecstasy are now the Sahajiya, the Dreamspeakers are now the Kha'vadi, the Euthanatos are now the Chakravanti, the Sons of Ether are now the Society of Ether, and the Virtual Adepts are now the Mercurial Elite. Meanwhile, the Verbena now use the more grammatically accurate title: Verbenae (plural.)

The Disparates

Contrary to rumor, the Disparates were not wiped out by the Technocracy. Far from it, in fact. In recent years, the Disparate Crafts and Orphans have managed to form a loose alliance. No one outside of the Disparate groups is aware of the Disparate Alliance's existence (so far.)

It is unknown whether the Darkling Ambassador had anything to do with Horizon's destruction, but if he did, the Hollow Ones themselves were not involved. Relations between the Hollow Ones and the Traditions are about what they've always been - neither side particularly likes or respects the other, but there isn't any overt hostility.

The Technocracy

Did the Technocracy win the Ascension War? No.

That said, they do hold a lot of power - and a lot of responsibility. The Technocracy considers itself the steward of humanity, and they take that role seriously. Morals and ethics among Technocrats will vary. Some of them have genuinely idealistic motivations, while others typify the cold, ends-justify-the-means stereotype we've all come to know. Like the Tradition mages, the Technocratic Union is not a monolith (much as they like to project that image.) The events of the Week of Nightmares at the turn of the Century had a dramatic impact on the Union. When they lost their off-world Constructs, they lost Control, they lost Autochthonia, they lost the Inner Circle.

And in the process, they gained back some of their humanity.

Which is not to imply that everything is rainbows and roses. The Technocracy is still the Technocracy. They still push for absolute control over the consensus. They still value mutuality within their ranks. They still believe that anything outside of their paradigm is a dangerous deviation. But they are not a machine. They are people. And just like any vast organization, different branches and individuals will have their own practices, beliefs and priorities within the organization's framework.

A lot of years have passed since the end of the 90's, and the Union has since rebuilt its leadership and a number of off-world Constructs. Still, they learned an important lesson from these tragedies: it's dangerous to get too detached from humanity. And so, these days they focus their efforts on Earth, and on advancing technology that's more practical and acceptable to the masses. They still do some pretty impressive and frightening things, but the level of resource allocation for the truly experimental labs has diminished.

The pogroms are over. The Technocracy no longer devotes the kind of extreme measures and resources to wiping out the Traditions that they once did. But again, they're hardly friendly. Ultimately, the level and type of engagement between the Union and "Reality Deviants" will depend on the region. Some places are more dangerous than others.

As for the Friends of Courage and other dissident factions, they're out there. How much influence they'll ultimately be able to have remains to be seen.

The New Horizon Council

Akashayana Primus - Asha Malam

Rank: Master | Faction: Kannagara (formerly Li-Hai) | Origin: Mumbai, India / Kandy, Sri Lanka


Celestial Chorus Primus - Francisco Aguilar

Rank: Adept | Faction: Latitudinarian | Origin: Barcelona, Catalonia


Chakravanti Primus - Jasper Evans

Rank: Adept | Faction: Albireo | Origin: London, UK


Kha'vadi Primus - Samuel White Hawk, Oyate Teca Obmani

Rank: Adept | Faction: Ghost Wheel Society | Origin: Cheyenne River Reservation, SD, USA


Mercurial Elite Primus - Gabriela Vega

Rank: Adept | Faction: Reality Hackers | Origin: Monterrey, Mexico


Order of Hermes Primus - Lachlan Lim

Rank: Adept | House: Fortunae | Origin: Melbourne, Australia


Sahajiya Primus - Samantha (Sam) Valentine

Rank: Master | Faction: Joybringers / Cult of Acceptance | Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA


Society of Ether Primus - Esther Oni

Rank: Master | Faction: Utopians | Origin: Lagos, Nigeria


Verbenae Primus - Luna Eklund

Rank: Master | Faction: Twisters of Fate | Origin: Halmstad, Sweden

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