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Jamie: ugh, ew]]>
World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Mage: The Ascension :: Journals and Advancement

World of Darkness: Aeon

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Jamie: i also end up accidentally playing lawful good characters a lot?
Ariel: Maybe that means you're secretly lawful good.
Jamie: ugh, ew

Journals and Advancement


In order to receive experience, players may submit journals for their characters at the end of each month. Character journals are due by 11:59pm CST (Central Standard Time) on the 3rd of the new month. If you miss a month, you may roll those claims over to the next journal cycle. Claims over a month old are no longer eligible for rewards.

Journals must be submitted if you wish to keep your character active. If no journal is submitted for a character for three consecutive months, they will be considered inactive and automatically retired. This is not a punishment - it's just our way of keeping the roster up to date. Inactive characters can be reinstated at any time by hitting the restore button. The Admin reserves the right to deny reinstatement of a PC, but this is unlikely to happen and would only be employed under special circumstances.

Please see Earning Experience for more information on experience rewards.

Scene Count

When you write your journals, tally up all of the scenes that your character participated in that month. They will receive 1xp per scene, up to a maximum of 8.

Forum scenes and Mood posts may or may not count toward this total, depending on length and substance. If you claim either of these, please tally them separately from your other scenes. The Admin will then check the forum and gauge whether they are eligible for XP.

Underneath this tally, make a bullet list and give each scene a short, summarized description. Descriptions can range in detail from "social scene with [characters x, y and z] at [location]" to lengthier, more in-depth explanations, depending on what you feel is worthy of note. Please try to keep these descriptions as efficient as possible.

Character Development

In addition to the scene descriptions, you should make note of important character developments. How do we define character development? Basically, anything that involves a lot of deep character work on your part as the writer. Scenes of magical epiphany, philosophical debate, emotional catharsis, personal growth or pushing boundaries, and in-depth character interactions might all qualify, among other things.

Characters will receive 1-4 additional XP based on activity, events and personal development. Most characters will receive at least 1xp this way, but high awards are reserved for major events. Recommendations from Storytellers and other players (via Kudos) can influence this total.


All active characters will receive an additional automatic 3xp per month, with or without a journal. New and reactivated characters must first complete a scene/mood post before they're officially considered "active."


On this site, following initial character creation, the Status background is earned in-game rather than purchased. If a player feels that their character may have done something Status-worthy that month, they may include an additional section on their journal for Status notes. Players are welcome to include anything they feel might be relevant, from defeating an antagonist in battle to tracking down a lost artifact to participating in a public event, and so on. There are many potential avenues for gaining Status. This claim is entirely optional. If for whatever reason a player does not wish their character to become well-known, they don't have to. Plenty of mages do important work behind the scenes without anyone ever finding out, though the more involved your mage is, the harder it can be to remain anonymous.

Status will only be awarded if the player claims it. The Admin will review the notes and make a judgment call as to how much it may or may not be worth. It is not guaranteed that every claim will earn a reward. Unlike Character Development, everything claimed in this section must originate from text. (You could not, for example, claim a heroic thing that your character did off-screen in their downtime, though it's fine if the claim includes some out-of-scene dice rolls/follow-up.)

Status earned through play is calculated in increments, much like Renown in Werewolf. Temporary Status confers no bonuses. It's just a way of keeping track of how close the character is to earning the next dot.


In addition to the monthly XP claims, players can add a "Kudos" section that includes positive notes about the contributions, writing and development of other characters. These notes will be copied and distributed to the intended players, unless you request otherwise. They will also be used to inform the decisions of the Admin when handing out XP. Kudos in our game do not have a specific XP value. Rather, they serve as a subjective guide.

Please note: Kudos submitted via character journals are for character-based rewards only. If you want to leave kudos for an ST, or for other contributions to the site, please do so via the Player Journals.

If you want to submit kudos but don't have any character activity to claim, you are welcome to submit a kudos-only journal. If you are an ST from another system and don't have a Mage character through which to submit journals, you're welcome to e-mail me any kudos you might have.

Sample Journal Entry

Steve Rogers' January 2018 Activity:

Scene Count: 5 | Mood Posts: 1

-Took Bucky to a baseball game. Reminisced about the good old days.

-Rescued a dog from drowning. [Katie ST]

-Did a photo op with Thor and Iron Man.

-Had a long talk with Black Widow about Steve's (lack of) love life. Much to his displeasure.

-Stopped some Hydra agents from stealing an artifact.

-Mood post: Hung out in a park and brooded.

Character Development:

Had a great conversation with Bucky. It made Steve realize how lonely he is these days. As a result of that and the conversation with Black Widow, he's decided to reach out to people more. Also, he has a dog now.


Defeated three Hydra agents in combat, saved an artifact and turned the agents over to the proper authorities. Made a public appearance that earned some press.


-To Jen, for a really lovely scene between Cap and Bucky. Bucky has developed a lot over the last year, and you can really see the changes in the way he opens up to Steve.

-To Nicole, for having Black Widow knock some sense into Steve.


XP expenditures must be submitted via the character journal whenever you wish to purchase something.

The following expenditures require approval:

  • Attributes and Abilities greater than 3
  • WP
  • Backgrounds
  • Arete
  • Spheres
  • Merits and Flaws

Note that in these cases, a valid explanation will be required when you submit the request. However, in many cases, all that's really needed is a brief (1 or 2 sentences) summary of why you think the new stat makes sense for your character.

Spheres greater than 3 and any increase in Arete requires pre-approval from the Admin before submitting your request. In the case of Arete, talk to the Admin before undertaking a Seeking. If the Seeking is successful, you may then submit your request. When purchasing spheres at any rank, put a link to any relevant scenes or mood posts in the request or send the transcript(s) via email. If you'd like to get instant approval while writing an epiphany scene, just check with the Admin in advance.

The Admin reserves the right to follow up on or deny any expenditure request, regardless of whether or not it normally requires special approval, in the interest of fairness and/or realism.

Experience Costs

The XP costs for raising each stat is below:

  • Attribute: Current rating x 4
  • New Ability: 3
  • Ability: Current rating x 2
  • Additional Specialty: 4
  • New Background: 2*
  • Background: Current rating x 2*
  • New Sphere: 10
  • Affinity Sphere: Current rating x 7
  • Other Sphere: Current rating x 8
  • Willpower: Current rating
  • Arete: Current rating x 7 or Current rating x 8 (see magical advancement below)
  • New Merit: Rating x 2*
  • Buying off a Flaw: Rating x 2*

*Note that the cost for Backgrounds is cheaper on our site than it is in the book. Additionally, we do allow players to purchase new Backgrounds and Merits, and to buy off Flaws.

New Merits and Flaws must strongly fit the character and will only be approved on a case by case basis. New Flaws either give their rating in XP or can be used to purchase merits (or swap out other flaws) 1-for-1 as they would at creation.

Prerequisites for Magical Advancement


  • 1 - Awakening scene played out in-game (anyone can ST) or written up as a mood post.
  • 2-3 - Successful Seeking played out in-game (anyone can ST) or written up as a mood post.
  • 4-7 - Successful Seeking (run by Admin or an Admin-approved ST) or written up as a mood post.
  • 8-10 - Successful Seeking (run by Admin.)

On this site, in addition to the standard method of running Seekings with an ST, we do allow an option (in all but the most advanced levels) for players to write up their character's Seeking as a mood post. This option is meant to be a fall-back for those players who may have certain difficulties with an ST-run Seeking, such as a lack of Storyteller availability or the involvement of sensitive subject matter that may not be ideally handled by another writer. Because letting players run their own Seekings can be a little dicey, this option requires a fair amount of discussion with and feedback from the Admin. The barrier of entry is higher (in other words, it should seem as though the character has already achieved enough growth that passing a Seeking would be likely,) and the written seeking will need to be looked over by the Admin in advance of posting it on the forum. In order to pass, the Admin must give their approval. If the Seeking feels inadequate, or if the Admin disagrees with the player's assessment of the character's performance, revisions may be required.

In general, we do prefer and recommend that players make use of an ST when undertaking a Seeking. ST-run Seekings can be a lot of fun, and they usually offer some surprising avenues of growth that the player may not have considered. In order to encourage these Seekings, players who use an ST will receive a slight discount on Arete (current rating x 7 instead of x 8.) But for those who feel they would be better served handling it on their own, the solo option is there.


  • 1 - At least one live scene or mood post that touches upon the learning and epiphany process.
  • 2 - At least one live scene or mood post that touches upon the learning and epiphany process.
  • 3 - At least two live scenes and/or mood posts that detail the learning and epiphany process.
  • 4 - Arete 5, plus at least 3 live scenes and/or reasonably substantial mood posts that detail the learning and epiphany process.
  • 5 - Arete 8, plus at least 5 live scenes and/or reasonably substantial mood posts that detail the learning and epiphany process.

On this site, the Arete requirements for Spheres ranked 4 and 5 have been increased. This has been done to better reflect the amount of time and growth a character must endure in order to achieve the top levels of enlightenment.

We do not require that characters use a mentor or a library in order to learn spheres. It's entirely possible for a mage to be self-taught. However, doing so will require more time and effort. Without the benefit of a mentor or a library, mages cannot purchase more than one sphere rank every three months. For information about using mentors and libraries to reduce learning time, see Judgment Calls.


Resonance cannot be purchased after character creation. Additional dots in resonance will be awarded by the Admin when appropriate. If a character earns a new resonance dot, the Admin will determine the general flavor, but the player will assign the specific signature and effects of the resonance, as appropriate. For example: if a character performs a great deal of lightning magick, the Admin may assign them a dot of (electricity-related) Elemental resonance. The player would then choose the exact nature of that resonance, say: "Shocking."

The Admin may also remove resonance, under applicable circumstances.

Players can, however, have a say in this process. If you think your character should either gain or lose a dot of resonance, due to development and/or game events, you are welcome to make a note of this in your character journal. The Admin will take this into account when making their decision. (Or, if you prefer, you can send the Admin an e-mail.)

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