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Character Creation

Nature and Demeanor

  • Players are free to use Natures and Demeanors from any edition of any oWoD game, provided it is appropriate for a Mage character.

Attributes and Abilities

  • As per standard rules, no ability may be raised above 3 without spending freebies.
  • No attribute or ability may begin at 5, unless purchased with experience (not freebies) or boosted via supernatural means (such as the Enhancement background.)
  • High-level Attributes and Abilities must fit the character concept and backstory.
  • See Judgment Calls for rulings on specific abilities.


  • Antagonist NPCs will only be approved if another player has agreed to ST the NPC.
  • Please note that the Mentor background ONLY applies to NPCs. Any PC can be mentored by any other PC without taking the background.
  • Use of ST-created Nodes and Chantries does NOT require purchase of the Node or Chantry backgrounds. These are public resources that are available to any character with in-game ties and permission. However, if you would like your character to have access to a private Node and/or Chantry that you create, then you must purchase those backgrounds.
  • See Judgment Calls for rulings on specific backgrounds.

Merits and Flaws

  • For information and rulings on Merits and Flaws, go here.


  • The Quintessence score is equal to the Mage's Avatar rating. Any additional Quintessence purchased at the time of creation is temporary, and does not change the permanent trait.


  • At any level, Avatars require at least a basic notation. Avatars at level 4 and 5 require a more thorough description. I need to see that you've put thought into who the avatar is, what their motivations are and what their relationship is going to be like with the character.

Focus and Affinity

  • All mages must declare their Affinity Sphere.
  • Most mages need to include a breakdown of their Focus, including: Paradigm, Practice(s) and Instruments. Newly Awakened characters can skip this.
  • Personalized and Unique Instruments must be declared as such to get the benefits. Characters may take 1 Personalized Instrument for their Affinity Sphere (this can also be Unique) and up to 1 Unique Instrument per Sphere.

Attached NPCs

  • NPC traits must be approved before those traits can be used in-game. Depending on how you intend to use the NPC, this might require a full stat breakdown or merely a few relevant traits.
  • There's a new guide in the works for attached NPCs. Currently it's a WiP, but anyone who takes an Ally, Mentor or Familiar should use the guidelines listed there: NPC Guide.


  • Any kind of specialized equipment that would be difficult or impossible for a member of the general public to acquire needs relevant ties and backstory. Notably dangerous items will be considered carefully and may require a discussion prior to approval (if they are approved at all.)

Restricted Traits

  • If a trait is listed as "restricted," it does not necessarily mean that it's unavailable. It just means that you need prior approval from the Admin. Many of these are not awarded often or easily, but are possible under the right circumstances.
  • Listed restrictions on Backgrounds are for the unpooled amount.


  • Listed freebies are the maximum amount which can be allocated to the character. You are always welcome to take less, if a smaller number is more appropriate.

Standard Character Creation

  • Attributes: 7/5/3
  • Abilities: 13/9/5
  • Backgrounds: 7
  • Spheres: Affinity + 5
  • Arete: 1
  • WP: 5
  • Resonance: 1
  • Freebies: 50

Willpower, Arete and Resonance

  • Willpower is capped at 7 on creation, unless purchased with experience.
  • Arete is capped at 3 on creation, unless purchased with experience.
  • Resonance traits are capped at 3 (per trait) on creation.


  • Backup | Influence | Library | Requisitions | Resources | Spies - Restricted after level 5.
  • Mentor - Restricted after level 4.
  • Allies | Enhancement | Familiar | Secret Weapons | Wonder - Restricted after level 3.
  • Status - Unavailable after level 2.
  • Destiny | Legend | Node - Restricted at all levels.

Newly Awakened Character Creation

Age: 18-22

  • Attributes: 6/4/3
  • Abilities: 11/7/4
  • Backgrounds: 5
  • Spheres: Affinity + 2
  • Arete: 1
  • WP: 3
  • Freebies: 21

Age: 23+

  • Attributes: 7/5/3
  • Abilities: 13/9/5
  • Backgrounds: 7
  • Spheres: Affinity only
  • Arete: 1
  • WP: 4
  • Freebies: 35

Willpower, Arete and Resonance

  • Willpower is capped at 5 on creation, unless purchased with experience.
  • Arete is capped at 1 on creation. (Characters with higher Arete should use the standard build.)
  • Newly Awakened mages do not automatically begin with resonance. They may purchase 1 dot (total) for 3 freebies.


  • Backup | Influence | Resources | Spies - Restricted after level 5.
  • Mentor - Restricted after level 4.
  • Allies | Library - Restricted after level 3.
  • Cult | Demesne | Wonder - Restricted after level 1.
  • Chantry | Destiny | Enhancement | Familiar | Legend | Node | Requisitions | Sanctum | Secret Weapons - Restricted at all levels.
  • Status - Unavailable.

Awakening Mages

  • If you would like to submit a character who is on the verge of Awakening, please use one of these builds. Do not submit the character as a mortal. (That way, you won't have to re-submit them.)
  • If your intention is to play out the character's Awakening on site, you need to have an ST lined up.
  • It's totally up to you how you want to handle the character's magickal traits. You can either fill them out in advance or wait until after the character Wakes Up to decide which Spheres, etc., to give them.

Mortal Character Creation

Consors, Extraordinary Citizens and Enlightened Mortals

  • Attributes: 7/5/3
  • Abilities: 13/9/5
  • Backgrounds: 7
  • WP: 4
  • Freebies: 35

(not so) Ordinary People

  • Attributes: 6/4/3
  • Abilities: 11/7/4
  • Backgrounds: 5
  • WP: 3
  • Freebies: 21


  • Willpower is capped at 5 for Sleepers and 6 for everyone else, unless purchased with experience.


  • Backup | Influence | Library | Requisitions | Resources | Spies - Restricted after level 5.
  • Mentor - Restricted after level 4.
  • Allies | Enhancement | Secret Weapons | Wonder - Restricted after level 3.
  • Blessing | Destiny | Node | Past Lives | Totem - Restricted at all levels.
  • Status - Restricted, and unavailable after level 2.
  • Arcane - Unavailable, unless it is due to the effects of a Wonder.
  • Avatar | Cult | Demesne | Dream | Familiar | Legend | Sanctum - Unavailable

Supernatural Traits

  • Any traits (abilities, backgrounds, merits, etc.) with supernatural ties are only available to characters with the requisite connections and background.


  • Despite the venue name, you may submit any type of mortal character to our system, excepting those that fall under the umbrella of the other games (kinfolk, ghouls, etc.) Your character does not have to be a Consor.
  • Consors are characters who are actively involved in the Awakened world as allies and acolytes. They do not count as Sleepers when witnessing magick. These characters are true believers.
  • Extraordinary Citizens are similar to Consors, except that their allegiance is to the Technocracy. These characters DO count as Sleepers when it comes to mystic effects, but do not count as Sleepers for hypertech and super science.
  • Other types of mortals might be either Asleep or Aware, depending. Mortals are considered "Aware" if they believe in and have witnessed Awakened magick. These characters might become Consors at some point, but they don't have to. Aware mortals may choose either character build (whichever feels more appropriate.) They do not count as Sleeper witnesses.
  • Sleepers are characters who have no experience with the Awakened world and have not had their eyes opened to the true nature of magick (although they might have some limited belief due to religious or spiritual background.) These characters, as the name implies, will count as Sleeper witnesses if a mage attempts to cast an effect in their vicinity. (Of course, PCs in our game are not likely to remain Sleepers for long.)

Advanced Character Creation

There is no standard build for advanced characters in this system. Rather, if you wish to submit a character with more advanced stats, you may purchase them with saved experience, just as you would do normally. (This experience comes from your personal XP bank. Not from other characters.) Please note that freebies must be spent before experience when creating these characters.

Freebie Costs

  • Attribute - 5 per dot
  • Ability - 2 per dot
  • Background - 1 per dot (2 per dot for $, variable for Wonders)
  • Sphere - 7 per dot
  • Arete - 4 per dot
  • Willpower - 1 per dot
  • Quintessence - 1 per 4 dots
  • Merit - as per Merit
  • Flaw - as per Flaw
  • Resonance - current rating x 3 (or 3 for the first dot)
  • Additional Specialty - 2

For Experience costs, see the Journals and Advancement page.

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