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you guys: OO I DO
verge: nah lemme do all this research first
ashlyn: i can't see shit but here's a stirring rendition of some shit kipling wrote 300 years ago]]>
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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Games :: Mage: The Ascension

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Games / Mage: The Ascension

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you guys: OO I DO
verge: nah lemme do all this research first
ashlyn: i can't see shit but here's a stirring rendition of some shit kipling wrote 300 years ago

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Mage: The Ascension


As a rule, I prefer to leave restrictions on character affiliation to individual STs. Prior to submission, please check the rules for the region where your character will be based. Assuming your character complies with regional restrictions, these are the overall system guidelines:

  • Tradition Mages: No restrictions. Factions with notably limited membership may require some discussion.
  • Disparates: No restrictions.
  • Technocrats: No restrictions. However, players must have a reasonable level of familiarity with Technocratic culture, ideology and infrastructure.
  • Mortals: No restrictions.
  • Nephandi: Special permission required.¬†Nephandi PCs require explicit permission from the local ST, even in open crossover areas. Additionally, they may not RP in any region outside their own unless they acquire permission from the local ST. Again, this is true regardless of the region's usual crossover policy, unless Nephandi are specifically mentioned. Any restrictions on activity (for example: warning players in advance) must be adhered to.
  • Marauders: Restricted.¬†Special permission required. See Nephandi, above, for permission rules. Additionally, Marauder PCs will only be approved for players who have a proven track record of maturity, sensitivity and trustworthiness. These characters have extremely high game-breaking potential. I need to know that you will exercise care, both in the portrayal of mental illness and in the way your character interacts with the game.

Changing Affiliation

If during the course of the game your PC changes their alliance, falls to corruption or becomes a Marauder, you should discuss your options with me and your ST(s). In some cases, the transition will be relatively painless. In others, there may be serious in-game repercussions.

It is possible for mortal characters to have a late/surprise Awakening. Talk to me if you want to do this.

If a PC becomes a Nephandi or a Marauder, the usual restrictions still apply. This means you may be asked to relocate the character, convert them into an NPC or (if no other options are available) retire them. These kinds of storylines can make for great drama, but I strongly encourage players to consider the potential ramifications carefully before allowing their character to undergo such a serious event.

Contacting the Admin

My email is ariel [at] wodaeon [dot] com. Please direct all questions and comments either to this address or to the designated staff questions channel on Discord. Players are encouraged to contact me with any questions they might have. As a general rule, I will be checking e-mail and Discord daily unless otherwise noted. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response (though I will try to respond same-day if I'm able.)

In the event of serious, time-sensitive issues, you may alert me via any available means (PM, Discord tag, etc.) and I will try to respond right away if I'm available. Otherwise, please understand that even if I am active on Discord I may not have the time or energy to tackle questions immediately. I have a lot on my plate, both irl and online, and being able to handle things on my own schedule in an organized fashion goes a long way towards helping me stay sane. I also tend to give better, more thoughtful responses if I've had time to mull things over.


M20 is a complicated system. The core book alone is nearly 700 pages. While much of the material in that book is a welcome revitalization of the core Mage game, it definitely could have used a continuity editor. Different parts of the book give different interpretations of the spheres and casting system, which is understandable given its subjective nature, but also rather problematic for our game (where players have a large amount of autonomy and we all have to operate under a shared understanding of the system.) Additionally, some of the rules just aren't clearly or completely explained.

Which is to say, I fully expect to get a lot of questions, and that is absolutely okay. Helping folks figure things out is what I'm here for. As it states in the Site Rules, you don't have to be an expert to play here.

Regarding the inconsistencies in the books: I made an effort to find and address as many of them as I could. I'm sure there are some that I missed, so if you find one that hasn't been addressed please feel free to bring it to my attention.

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