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Setting NPCs

Shifter NPCs

Shifter NPCs, either Garou or Fera, are in many cases very to extremely powerful and therefore are not controllable by players. A player may request a scene with any shifter NPC, or the ST may drop a shifter NPC into a scene (with player permission).

Shifter NPCs may be taken as Allies. Players wishing to take a shifter NPC as an ally must get permission from the ST first.

Kinfolk NPCs

Kinfolk NPCs, while not available for complete control, may be used by players in the background or have low-impact interaction with PCs. For example, while a player cannot take full control of The Telltale Hart's Gleeson siblings, when setting a scene in The Telltale Hart players can assume that Niall is taking orders, cooking, bringing out food, or interacting with performers, or that Danny is tending the bar.

A player may request a scene with any kinfolk NPC, or the ST may drop a kinfolk NPC into a relevant scene at any time. A "relevant scene" would be any scene taking place in the NPC's primary location, such as the Gleeson siblings at The Telltale Hart.

Kinfolk NPCs may be taken as Major Contacts.

I'll put notes on the Cast entry for kinfolk NPCs relating to their primary location, Tribal affiliation, skills, and realm of influence, as well as some personality traits should players wish to include them in a relevant scene.

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