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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Cities :: Seattle :: Places of Note :: Sept of the Concrete Wilds

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Cities / Seattle / Places of Note / Sept of the Concrete Wilds

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Blaine: It's a perineal concern.

Sept of the Concrete Wilds


Caern Stats

  • Type: Stamina
  • Purpose: Courage
  • Rank: 2
  • Bawn: Although the bawn proper consists primarily of Columbia Center, Seattle downtown is considered under the protection of Concrete Wilds.
  • Moon Bridge: Not yet
  • Gauntlet: 4 in the upper levels only, 6 within the block of Columbia Center

Sept Information

The Sept of the Concrete Wilds is a brand new sept, its Caern raised is early 2019 after Spirals took control of Sleeping Giants to the south. It is a multi-tribal urban sept, with a large number of Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers, and more Cubs than Athros, and almost no Elders. It boasts a fraction of the Garou that Sleeping Giants had before its fall.


A powerful pack of Black Sprial Dancers has descended upon the Pacific Northwest. With great charisma, charm, and brutal strength, they have raised an army of corrupted werewolves to join them in taking over the Sept of Sleeping Giants. It takes great resolve to ignore their call, and even greater courage to stand against their dark tide.

A Brief History of Columbia Center

Gaia's Garou and their kinfolk have been involved with Columbia Center since it was first developed. Although land use regulations limited a skyscraper's height to 50 stories at the time of its construction, Columbia Center's (then Columbia Seafirst Center) developer, a Shadow Lord kinfolk named Martin Selig, found a loophole. If he could include retail space with street access to the plans, and because three of the plan's stories would open onto the street, the city would allow a bonus for each of those stories. Thus, standing at 937ft., this 76-story building became the largest structure on the entire West Coast until 1987.Composed of three geometric concave facades with two setbacks, it appears to be three towers side-by-side, but in reality is a single structure of over 1.5 million sqft.

For years, the building has held the headquarters of a number of businesses and ventures backed by the Garou of Seattle, primarily those of the Silver Fangs, Glass Walkers, and Shadow Lords, although the Children of Gaia, Fianna, and even the Black Furies have had occasion to make use of the building.

In 2015, Columbia Center was ostensibly purchased by a Hong Kong based company. In reality, it was purchased through a joint venture of multiple local tribes. This was after numerous meetings of Seattle's Council of Tribal Alphas on the subject of claiming territory for the sept to serve as neutral gathering space for the many urban Garou already there. Eventually, the former Sept Alpha of Sleeping Giants, Twilight's Unpleasant Truth, agreed to the scheme, but only if it involved contributions from a majority of tribes. Ultimately, this included the Shadow Lords, Silver Fangs, Children of Gaia, and Glass Walkers primarily, with minimal contributions from a few of the other urban tribes such as the Fianna, the Get of Fenris, and the Black Furies. The acquisition of the building eventually turned out to be very beneficial, as it created a location primed for a new Sept.

Sept Locations

Placing a Sept in the middle of the city presents numerous potential difficulties for the Garou. There are 700 spaces in the underground parking garage including spaces for Zip Cars, EV charging stations, and vehicle detailing services, and over 30 dining and retail options located in the three-level atrium. These and many of the office spaces within the building are open to ordinary humans. The top ten floors (including the Columbia Tower Club on floors 75 and 76) and all basement levels excluding parking are restricted to Garou and their kinfolk. The uppermost levels represent the Sept proper, floors for sept offices, and another two floors being renovated to accomodate Garou in need of succor. Humans looking to join the Columbia Tower Club find it now extremely elite; those floors and their amenities are now for Sept use only. The basement levels have been renovated for challenge circles. Farther down, space has been cleared and earth broken for the Grave of Fallen Heroes.


Theurges have called upon numerous spirits to rest within the boughs of City Tree, and act as a spiritual line of defense for the Umbral side of the Sept. The Sept is also protected by a Warder and a dedicated pack of Guardians, and all Garou aligned with Concrete Wilds are expected to do a turn of guard duty around the area.


A level beneath the building has been opened up - after verifying its feasibility with Kinfolk architects and civil engineers - to create the Grave of Fallen Heroes. This level is completely bare earth, with concrete walls bearing low lights providing dim illumination.


Kinfolk are welcome, and are strongly encouraged to take shelter at the Sept should they need it.




City Tree

City Tree is just what it sounds like, a tree in the city. City Tree is an iconic rebel of the urban landscape; it forces its way through concrete, feeding itself with trash and polluted water, yet still rises strong. It bears fruit that feeds the homeless and less fortunate. It holds the precious little topsoil in place, guaranteeing years of fertility for those few square feet. It’s a little victory for the Wyld, but sometimes a little victory means the difference between survival and all-out defeat.

The City Tree of Concrete Wilds is located on the roof of Columbia Center. Realmside, the Garou have planted a tree to mirror its Umbral counterpart. The physical tree is young, like the Sept itself, and is much smaller than the spirit. In the Umbra, City Tree is huge, her roots spilling over the sides of the building and stretching downward in search of the concrete ground below. Her branches are large and spread wide, and boast a number of spirits - not just birds - who either help defend the new Caern or simply use the tree to take a rest.


City Tree is a city totem, and asks that Garou who wish to pledge to her perform a task in service to the less fortunate. This can be anything from providing a meal for the homeless or defending the city against the Wyrm. Once the act has been performed and City Tree has been petitioned, the Garou gains 1 point of Stamina.

In order to retain this extra dot of Stamina, the Garou must either perform the above chiminage once per month, or participate in the monthly moot.


The heart of the Caern is held within the roots of City Tree. Garou seeking to commune with the Caern heart can access it from the roof of the building, Umbrally.

Sept Items

Fog's Warning (Fetish 5, Gnosis 8)

Created by Harley Wallis, Deed Name Not Found.


A two foot by two foot map made from gems and rocks and little pieces Harley collected for the Garou-controlled locations (a bottle cap from Telltale Hart's house brew, a piece of a wooden coaster from Harald's Brauhaus, a chip of the stone facade of Sentinels of Peace, and so on and so forth). It's made of collected little pieces of the city, and little pieces of the Garou who claim to protect it, and a little bit more to fill in the gaps of the homemade map. Copper threads through to represent the streets. Lapis lazuli for Elliott Bay, Lake Washington, and the other bodies of water. Jade for the green spaces. Hematite for the heart of the city with all its steel and glass buildings. The top is sealed and polished bright and glossy. The whole thing is set in the top of a wood frame, the bottom hollow except for a small stand attached to a hinge, to lift the thing to an angle for easier viewing.

As the taint of the Wyrm's corruption grows, faint wisps of fog appear to obscure a part of the map matching the part of the city in which the Destroyer's influence grows. Those who commune with the Fog Spirit dwelling within the Fetish may experience indistinct visions of the form the threat takes or where its heart can be found.


The readings taken by the spirit are a function of the 'average' Wyrm Taint in an area over some period of time (e.g. the last few days). So a pack of Sabbat Cainites setting up a haven would prompt the map's activation, but a Pentex First Team moving from one side of the city to another in a convoy would not. In short, the map can locate stationary, settled, growing threats, but not traveling ones. 

The visions provided to those who commune with the Spirit are similar to those offered by the Rank 2 Theurge Gift Sight From Beyond - albeit with a heavy bent toward imagery obscured somewhat by fog or mist. The Sabbat Pack above could be indicated by a sword wrapped in bloody mist.

Deals made with the Spirit:

Only Garou and Kinfolk who are members of the Sept of the Concrete Wilds are permitted to know of the Fetish's existence. All those who share in the secret are bound by oath to keep it until death. Should any break their word, the spirit will be released from service.

On each New Moon, one Garou or Kinfolk of the Sept must visit the Map and whisper a secret to the Fog Spirit dwelling within.

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