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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Cities :: Seattle

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Cities / Seattle

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The things Oliver and Cheshire could say to each other could fill a book, for now at least. Later down the road that book could turn into a series or a collection of tomes.

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“Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it.” -- Kimberly Kinrade


Seattle, misty jewel in the crown of the Pacific Northwest, is a crossroads of the Triat. The city proper, jammed into a narrow strip of land between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and oozing north and south, is the Weaver's domain. Just beyond the creeping edge of the urban sprawl begins the lush greenery of Wyld country, spilling over the mountains to the east and splashing up against the coast to the west. And threaded all throughout: the corruption of the Wyrm.

This is Seattle. Bring your umbrella and your Rage, you'll be needing both here.

Culture and Conflict

Seattle is perfectly situated to satisfy both rural and urban Garou...mostly. The younger Garou, those who grew up among civilization pre-Change, and the other urrah wolves stick closer to the buildings of glass and steel, venturing out to the Sept of Sleeping Giants only when necessary. It's the same for those more comfortable in the wilderness and away from the scents of progress and industrialization, but in reverse. Neither understands the others preferences, but they call each other brother, sister, or cousin anyway. They can't afford not to.


Seattle is a single-system region. This game focuses on themes and elements of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. NPCs from other systems are around, maybe. They tend to keep a very low profile in a city whose supernatural majority consists of half-spirit monsters with anger issues. Anyone interested in learning more about the local vampires, werecreatures and changelings should talk to the Storyteller.

As for the wolves, you'll find in the urban areas the usual suspects. The Glass Walkers and the Bone Gnawers are the Tribes most represented, especially the Gnawers. When you see one Rat, there's twenty more hidden in the walls, they say. Also sticking more to the city where they're less likely to get their shoes muddy are the Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords. The Fianna and the Get of Fenris drift comfortably between the city and the wilderness, while the Black Furies and Children of Gaia are split between those who wish to care for the land and those who wish to care for the humans in need within the city. The Uktena and the Silent Striders come and go. There are rumors there are Wendigo on the reservations not far away, but if there are they keep a vicious distance. No one's seen a Red Talon in more than a generation; it's been much longer for the Stargazers. In the last few years the balance between urban and rural Garou has slowly tipped more in favor of the urban as Seattle's tech industries have popped up, taken root, and blossomed.


Breed: Lupus. There is a limit of no more than 2 Lupus characters in Seattle at this time.

Tribe: Stargazers. There is a limit of no more than 3 Stargazer characters in Seattle at this time.

Fera: Ajaba, Ananansi, Balam, Bubasti, Ceilican, Khan, Pumonca, Simba, Swara, Mokole, Nagah, Ratkin.

Players interested in playing a restricted character will need ST approval prior to submission, so please send me an email with the concept.


Tribe: Red Talons, Wendigo.

Fera: Hengeyokai, specifically Fera belonging to the Emerald Courts.

Banned character types may crossover from other systems, but must first meet the below rules for crossover.


There is a moderated crossover policy in place here.

Garou and Kinfolk PCs from any region may play here freely. Tribes or breeds that are banned or restricted at creation may crossover into Seattle for a limited time with approval from the Storyteller.

Characters from other game systems must 1) gain advance permission from the Storyteller, 2) gain permission from all players before entering a scene, and 3) put a note in their tag to warn anyone who might join.


There is an open Storytelling policy here. Players are encouraged to run storylines and one-shots as they see fit. Permission is only required under certain circumstances:

  • Any scene or SL involving system NPCs or special locations such as the sept will require that you touch base with the Storyteller.
  • Any involvement from other supernatural groups (vampires, changelings, mages) will also require you to touch base with the ST.
  • Major events that could alter the landscape or politics of the region require a heads up to the Storyteller. I don't mind if you blow up a street, but if you burn down Seattle without telling me I'll be very disappointed.
  • Events that could have an impact nationally or globally, require approval.

To reiterate the site rules, storytellers should be mindful of the comfort level of their players, respecting triggers and limitations when necessary. Warnings should be given if there is a moderate-to-high chance of PC Death, or if players should expect particularly extreme content.

In addition to running SLs, players are also welcome to create system locations and NPCs, with permission from the ST.

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