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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Cities :: San Francisco :: Places of Power :: Station Marin

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I mean. Technically I guess knitting is like...dual wield wands. But. Still.

Station Marin

listen: there's a hell

of a good universe next door; let's go

-e.e. cummings

Located on a stretch of private land in Novato, Marin County, near the Hamilton Wetlands, Station Marin is one of the few Terran land-based constructs built by the Void Engineers. The area of the base is protected by a cloaking grid so as to appear like farmland to satellites and anyone passing by, but the reality is far more advanced. Station Marin is composed of five areas under control of the different methodologies, with a domed building in the center and a large airfield and seaport to the Northeast. The construct is primarily devoted to research, engineering, training and education. In addition to its scientific contributions, it is considered one of the Void Engineers' top recruitment centers. Many of the Convention's new recruits cycle through Station Marin for basic training prior to enlisting with their chosen Methodology. It's also a common destination for soldiers and scientists on temporary leave from off-world assignments.

Zhao Yifeng Center for Research and Execution

The Zhao Yifeng Center was the first building constructed for the Station in the 90's, and it remains a prominent base of operations for R&E nationwide. The Center is a dedicated research and engineering facility, equipped with state of the art labs and equipment and staffed with prominent scientists. The lower floors house classroom facilities for new recruits, with security increasing as the levels ascend. It's rumored that the top levels house dangerous, top-secret projects, but only a small number of scientists have access to them.

Ana Ferrera Earth Frontier Science Hall

Originally constructed shortly after the Zhao Yifeng Center, the Ana Ferrera Science Hall has recently undergone extensive remodeling and renovation. The result is a state of the art facility that serves as a major hub for the explorers and scientists of the Earth Frontier Division. Following remote missions, North American scientists use the Hall as a base of operations to study their findings, compile data, update maps and compose research papers. As with the Station's other research centers, the Science Hall serves as a school for new EFD students. Classrooms are housed in the West wing of the building.

Neutralization Specialist Corps: Central Pacific Division

The regional headquarters for the NSC boasts an impressive array of resources and training facilities. Like the other buildings in Station Marin, it serves double duty as both central office and training academy. Agents and amalgams dispatched across the Bay Area and beyond are issued assignments by the CPD. The building offers advanced training rooms and firing ranges as well as an educational wing where classes are held. The Department of Psychological Evaluation and Maintenance operates out of the top floor. They provide therapy and counseling services to Void Engineers of all Methodologies, with special certification in deprogramming and trauma recovery.

Fort Wells

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Pan-Dimensional Corps Schwarzschild Space Center

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Station Marin Center for Strategic Resources

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