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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Cities :: San Francisco :: Places of Power :: House of Durga

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Cities / San Francisco / Places of Power / House of Durga

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sky: I was about to say that Harley is being very un-vengeful, but then I remembered that the scene isn't over yet

House of Durga

Do not be afraid; our fate

Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.

-Dante Alighieri

Located at 2835 Broadway in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, the House of Durga (named for the Hindu warrior/mother goddess) is a Chakravanti chantry and training facility. Visitors from within the Tradition are welcome, but full chantry membership must be earned. Outsiders are typically not allowed entry, except in cases of special invitation. The property was purchased in 2010 in order to facilitate the merger of two smaller chantries after one of them lost their node in a conflict with the Technocracy. Now unified and possessing upgraded facilities, the local Chakravanti are the strongest they've been in decades. They may not have the numbers of the Sahajiya or the Akashayana, but they are more than capable of holding their own.

The House

The Chantry house is a modern, custom-designed two story home that sits atop a sloping hill. Beneath the home lie well-fortified training facilities which are built into the slope and mostly underground. The interior of the home, much like the exterior, is sleek and modern. A few well-chosen pieces of artwork, both ancient and modern, decorate the rooms. Themes of fate, entropy, circles (wheels) and Hindu spirituality are present in these pieces, though not always overtly. Behind the house lies a large stretch of protected lawn (a luxury in San Francisco) surrounded by a tall concrete barrier.

First Floor

  • Spacious living area
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Office / Study
  • Bathroom
  • Two ritual and meditation rooms

Second Floor

  • Six bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms

Upper Basement Level

  • Library
  • Forensic lab
  • Investigation room
  • Node

Lower Basement Level

  • Shooting range
  • Spacious athletic and martial training area
  • Practice rooms (for magickal training)
  • Locker room (showers/bathroom/storage)


A large portion of the upper basement level of the property is devoted to the library. Like the rest of the house, the library is elegant and modern in design. It houses an impressive number of mystical and historical texts, and offers plush, comfortable seating in private nooks. The full scope of the library is accessible to anyone with Chantry access.

Rating: 5


Next to the library is a large room dedicated to enlightened contemplation. The floor, walls and ceiling are black marble, and etched into the ceiling is a large design of a gold chakra wheel. At the far end of the room is a large (floor to ceiling) statue of the goddess Durga, with two of her eight arms wielding long swords. A large stone lion stretches out at her feet, gazing imposingly at all who approach her. In the center of the floor, a wide ring of ever-burning flames rise up from a circular crevice in the floor. In order to approach the statue, one must enter the circle of fire. Visitors will find, however, that these flames (usually) do not cause injury. They feel warm to the touch, but do not burn. If one reaches inside the crevice, they will find shards of warm obsidian glass. These shards are Tass produced by the node, which encompasses the flames and the statue both. The node is accessible to anyone with Chantry access. Under ordinary circumstances, members are allowed up to 2 Quintessence and/or Tass per week. More may be allowed under certain circumstances.

Rating: 4

Quintessence: 40 per week (5-6 per day.) 30 of this is free Quintessence, while the other 10 is channeled into Tass.

Resonance: Guarding

Casting Modifier: -3 in the room, -2 anywhere on the same level, -1 everywhere else on chantry grounds.

Accessibility and Defense

The Chantry property is guarded by a number of magickal effects and cloaked with a heavy barrier of Arcane. Anyone who is not a member of the chantry will find the property unworthy of notice. To their senses, it simply blends into the background. Even active members will find that their memory of the house fades over time if they are away for an extended period.

In addition to the mystic effects guarding the property, there is also an extensive mundane security system that works in tandem with the magickal security. Members will not trigger the security systems unless they do something to harm the Chantry or the Node.

The property has two entrances: a locked iron gate in front at the street level (stairs lead up to the house) and a hidden door in the concrete perimeter around the lawn which is only used in emergencies. The doors to the house use electronic locks that require a palm scan.

Only Chakravanti are allowed to enter the property, except under special (and rare) circumstances. Visitors require an invitation from an active member. Once inside, the majority of the Chantry is open to all, apart from a few private spaces. Members rotate shifts guarding the property.

Arcane Rating: 5

Anyone whose character attempts to go up against the Chantry's defenses should contact the ST.

Notable NPCs

Deacon: Meera Batra

Guardian: Sabra Kebede

Librarian: Manish Banerjee

Healer: Sita Kapoor

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