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World of Darkness: Aeon :: Cities

World of Darkness: Aeon

World of Darkness: Aeon / Cities

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Zombie koala ... I'm actually not entirely unconvinced they aren't already.


Active Regions

San Francisco

(Includes SF and the greater Bay Area)

  • System(s): MtA primary, limited CBs
  • Threat Level: Moderate
  • Supernatural Presence: High
  • Dominant Group: Tradition Mages
  • Crossover: Limited/Moderated
  • Storyteller: Ariel


(Includes Puget Sound and a portion of the Cascade Mountains to the SE)

  • System(s): WtA
  • Threat Level: Moderate
  • Supernatural Presence: High
  • Dominant Group: Gaian Garou
  • Crossover: Limited/Moderated
  • Storyteller: Skylar

Potential for Growth

Anyone interested in becoming a Storyteller is welcome to apply! All unclaimed cities/regions are potentially available.

Note: New York and LA are reserved as open crossover regions (for anyone brave enough to take on that daunting task.)


Please see the Site Information page for an explanation of how our game is structured.

Depending on the region you wish to play in, the degree of crossover may be more or less restricted. These restrictions are set by Storyteller(s) so the specifics can vary widely. Before attempting to play somewhere, be sure you've read up on the rules for that location.

Visiting Closed Areas

If you need to do a scene in an area where your character isn't allowed, there is a very limited workaround:

In this instance, you should not use the standard chat rooms available for that region. Instead, make a new chat room under the "World" heading. You may not play with any characters from that region, go near any notable supernatural locations, or otherwise do anything that might have an impact on the local game. You are essentially a ghost. At best, your characters might acknowledge something like "I heard this place is infested with werewolves, we better keep a low profile."

Out of respect to local STs, these scenes should be limited and infrequent.

Traveling Storylines

If an ST wishes to run a scene or part of an SL that involves traveling to an outside region, they must gain permission from the local ST(s).

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